Harvinainen sikarikone + muotti


Alkuperä: Hollanti
Valmistusajankohta: 1900-luvun alkupuoli
Valmistaja: Ritmeester
Koko: Korkeus 40 cm, leveys 45 cm, syvyys 30 cm. Muotti: Pituus 54 cm, syvyys 10 cm, korkeus 6 cm
Kunto: Hyvä, ajanmukaista kulumaa / patinaa
Toimivuus: Ei testattu
Muuta: Erikoinen ja harvinainen kohde, muotissa Ritmeester -signeeraus.


One of the oldest and most sought after cigar makers in the world, Ritmeester hail from Veenendal in Holland and their cigars have the quintessential aromas and flavours you'd come to expect from any European exporter. Ritmeester has a long tradition as an international Manufacturer of cigars and cigarillos. In 1887 Jochem van Schuppen and Marinus van Schuppen founded his own cigar factory in Veenendaal, which in 1915 was renamed into Ritmeester. Today, the Ritmeester name is synonymous with uncompromising quality – “From Seed to Smoke”. This total commitment to quality and smoking pleasure is the basis of our success. Yet, experience and innovation are equally important in the crafting of contemporary cigarillos.

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