Öljymaalaus 1800-luku (H. A. von Kern)


Tekijä / taiteilija: Hermann Armin von Kern (1838 – 1912)
Teos: Zigeuner Idylle
Alkuperämaa: Slovakia / Itävalta
Valmistusajankohta: 1800-luku
Tekniikka: Öljy kankaalle
Koko: 72 cm x 61 cm
Signeeraus: Kyllä
Kehykset: Myöhemmät, koristeelliset arvokehykset, ajanmukaista kulumaa
Kunto: Hyvä, ajanmukaista kulumaa
Muuta: Kyseessä todellinen arvomaalaus tunnetulta 1800-luvun taiteilijalta.

Hermann Armin von Kern (1838 – 1912)

Hermann Armin von Kern (born in Liptóújvár, former Kingdom of Hungary, now Liptovský Hrádok, Slovakia, 14.3.1838 – died in Maria Enzersdorf, Austria, 18.1.1912) was an academic painter, one of the most popular Austrian genre painters of his time and a court painter at the Emperor Franz Josef court in Vienna.

He was the son of a doctor of medicine, Benjamin von Kern, who recognized his exceptional talent at an early age and paid for his education. At the age of 16 he studied first in Levoča (Th. Böhm), 1854 in Prague (J.B. Klemens) and then in Vienna at the famous Academy of Arts (C. Rahl). 1867 he studied in Düsseldorf, 1870 Academy of Fine Arts in Munich (K. v. Piloty, A.v. Wagner and F. v. Defregger). First he was occupied as a portrait and genre painter in Budapest, later moved to Paris and in 1877 he moved to Vienna, and lived there with his big family (his wife Paulina and 10 children) till his death (1912) as an emperor Franz Joseph I court painter.

Kern specialized on portraits and genre scenes. As subject found Kern especially playing children, music making gypsies, tavern scenes and single persons in genre scenes. Hermann Kern, sponsored by emperor Franz Joseph I, was one of the most popular Austrian genre painters of his time.In 1885 he painted the ceiling decoration of the Szeged Theatre.

Being a very good pianist he played a lot together with his friend, famous composer Franz Liszt. Three of his children became professional musicians (piano, cello, violin). His daughter Pauline von Kern, also an academic painter (1878–1939) painted mainly portraits and landscapes.

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