Muotokuvamaalaus v. 1935 (A. B. Kleimer)


Tekijä / taiteilija: Axel Bernhard Kleimer (1881-1945)
Teos: Muotokuva kreivi ja maaherra Robert De la Gardie
Alkuperämaa: Ruotsi
Valmistusajankohta: v. 1935
Tekniikka: Öljy kankaalle
Koko: 111 cm x 85 cm
Signeeraus: Kyllä
Kehykset: Alkuperäiset, koristeelliset arvokehykset, ajanmukaista kulumaa
Kunto: Hyvä, ajanmukaista kulumaa

Axel Bernhard Kleimer (1881-1945):

The artist Axel Bernhard Kleimer was born in Kristianstad in 1881. His childhood was spent in the home, winters and summers in Kristianstad in Hammarslund. After graduating in 1901 and military service in Landskrona, he applied to the Academy in Stockholm.

The prevailing style ideal at the Art Academy was an elegant denomination paintings of Anders Zorn's spirit. 1906 ended Axel Kleim his training and portrayed in the same year the then 24-year-old author Gustaf Hellström. The portrait is now at the City Library in Kristianstad.
After the Academy took Studies in Paris. Here, Axel Kleim including malmö artist Fritz sheaf. But Kleim moved on to Normandy. 1907, he came as a decorative painter to the United States. Here he painted also portraits. 1910 sat Axel Kleim finally settled in Malmö – the Kleimershus on Fridhem – along with life companion Thelma Pauline Holgersson. Here the couple would stay for life.

Axel Kleimers primary motive is partly the Skåne landscape, and city views from Malmö, Kristianstad and Ystad and the interiors of the home in Malmo. Often small canvases. City pictures today – in addition to the artistic value – also a historically important as many of the depicted motifs no longer exists. Axel Kleim never became a modernist and betrayal never his style imaging despite the passage of new herring. His output includes a substantial number of drawings, pictures jokes and satires. 1926-27 illustrated his new translation of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales. Axel Kleim last years were marked by illness. He died in Malmö 1945.

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